Our Curriculum Rationale

At Barthol Chapel Primary School, we work together as a school community to develop, promote and sustain our shared aspirational vision. 

Our curriculum is grounded in our commitment to securing children’s rights and wellbeing. It takes account of learners’ entitlements and the four capacities and reflects the uniqueness of our setting.

The structure of our curriculum at Barthol Chapel School provides equity of opportunity to maximise the successes and achievements of all our learners. We take very good account of the four contexts for learning and cross-cutting themes such as equality, enterprise, creativity and sustainable development education

Our curriculum is regularly reviewed and refreshed by an informed awareness of current education thinking and evolves through ongoing debate within the school community. We work well with partners to ensure creative and innovative approaches to curriculum development are encouraged and support positive outcomes for learners.

All staff are developing opportunities to develop children skills for learning, life and work in motivating contexts for learning. We pay particular attention to ensure our learners experience increasing levels of challenge as they develop skills for learning, life and work.

A copy of our Curriculum Rationale can be found by clickling on the link.

At Barthol Chapel School, Developing the Young Workforce will be an integral part of the curriculum which will allow teachers and pupils to links areas of the curriculum to the World of Work.  Increasingly primary schools will be expected to plan for opportunities for young people to learn about a range of careers as they progress through primary school. They will also will begin to learn about the skills and qualities required for different jobs.

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